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Gym Mats

Gym mats are a must for exercise rooms, gymnasiums, and recreational facilities. Gym matting preserves both the facility as well as the individuals who use it. Rubber gym matting is particularly very effective in absorbing shock. This reduces the likelihood that damaged may result from the momentum generated by machines and weights. We carry a top tier selection of resilient gym floor mats and tiles. Our high quality selection is composed of products from brands like Everlast, Equinox, and LokTuff! Our line of stand-alone gym mats is perfect for at-home applications. We also carry a variety of gym floor tiles that are great for use in commercial facilities. Eagle Mat also offers gym mat rolls for facilities with large floor spaces to cover!

  • Everlast Gym Mats - Rolls

    Everlast Gym Mats are the industry standard!  These tough mats are capable of absorbing training shock and provide supreme comfort underfoot.  Mats are laser cut and designed to fit together seamlessly. 

    • Virtually indestrucible.
    • Made of 100% recycled materials!
    • Laser-cut for seamless installation.
    • Available in 1/4" and 3/8" thicknesses.
  • Everlast Gym Mats - Interlocking Tiles

    Everlast Gym Mat Interlocking Tiles are the most popular gym and fitness facility floor tiles in America.  These tiles measure 2'x 2' and are designed to piece together seamlessly. 

    • Our most popular gym flooring option!
    • Available in 3/8" thickness.
    • Durable, shock resistant, and comfortable.
    • Seamlessly piece-together multiple tiles to cover large floor spaces.
  • Equinox Gym Mats - Stand Alone

    Equinox Gym Mats are stand-alone floor coverings ideal for a variety of applications in gyms, fitness centers, and other athletic facilities.

    • Easy to install!
    • Piece together to cover large floor spaces.
    • Capable of withstanding shock and abuse from heavy weights.
  • Mega Lock Gym Tiles - Interlocking

    Mega Lock Gym Tiles feature a nearly indestructible construction perfect for covering gym and fitness center floors.  Great for covering custom floor spaces!

    • Laser-cut for precision.
    • Noise canceling and vibration inhibiting!
    • Diamond-textured surface for superior traction.
    • Designed to piece together seamlessly over large floor spaces.
  • Carpeted Gym Floor Sticky Mat

    Carpeted Gym Floor Sticky Mats feature a unique front-end polypropylene section for tough dirt and debris removal, followed by a built-in recessed sticky mat for final dust and debris containment. Removes more than 90% dirt/debris in just two steps!

    • Dual-action cleaning
    • Built-in sticky mat with 60 sheets (refillable)
    • Polypropylene section available in 16 vibrant colors
    • Ideal for entryways to gyms, studios, and other hardwood floor spaces.