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Bathroom & Urinal Mats

Bathroom mats keep restroom facilities clean, safe, and odor-free. Investing in restroom mats shows patrons that you value their comfort, health, and safety in the most intimate of spaces. Non-slip matting also controls water accumulation. Water accumulation is common in restroom facilities and may cause dangerous conditions. Urinal and restroom matting control such accumulation to ensure that a visitor does not suffer from the carelessness of another. Controlling facility mess also reduces the need for ongoing maintenance. Our restroom matting products are designed with hygiene in mind. They keep facilities clean by absorbing water and killing bacteria. 

  • Urinal Bathroom Mat

    Urinal Bathroom matting keeps your restroom facility clean, safe, and sanitary.  These are fully washable and feature antimicrobial technology to kill odor-causing bacteria.  Effectively controls both odor and moisture!

    • Fully washable.
    • Anti-microbial technology kills bacteria.
    • Keep facilities safe and sanitary for long hours.


  • Toilet Bathroom Mat

    Toilet matting helps to maintain a clean and pleasant environment.  This product features antimicrobial technology to kill odor-causing bacteria.  Constructed with heavy-duty rubber backing for non-skid application.

    • Fully washable.  ‘
    • Anti-microbial technology kills bacteria.
    • Non-slip rubber backing for added safety!
  • Sink Bathroom Mat

    Sink Bathroom matting protects guests from accidental slip-and-falls! This heavy-duty matting also feature antimicrobial technology to kill bacteria. 

    • Anti-microbial technology kills bacteria.
    • Non-slip rubber backing for added safety.
    • Controls water accumulation around the sink.
  • Micro Guard

    Micro Guard matting is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield technology to guard against degradation from microorganisms, reducing odor emissions in entryways and other high traffic areas. Antimicrobial system is permanently bonded to each carpet fiber, providing longevity and effective lifetime control of odors.

    • Special Microbe Shield technology eliminates the toughest odors.
    • 100% Nitrile rubber backing for superior traction control.
    • Certified "high traction" by the National Floor Safety Institute.
    • Clean by vacuuming or ask about our commercial laundering service!
    • Comes in 3 vibrant colors: Blue Marble, Grey Marble, and Maroon Marble.


  • Disposable Urinal Mat

    Disposable Urinal matting is an easy sanitation solution that keeps restroom floors clean.  Product also comes with UltraGrip backing to prevent slipping during use.

    • UltraGrip backing prevents sliding. 
    • Complies with all ADA requirements.
    • Anti-microbial technology kills bacteria.
    • Keeps facilities clean, dry, and free of bacteria.
  • Disposable Urinal Mat: With Time Gauge

    Disposable Urinal matting will tell you exactly when they need replaced!  This product keeps restroom facilities dry and sanitary. Additionally, these are slip-resistant.

    • UltraGrip backing prevents sliding. 
    • Meets strict ADA urinal requirements.
    • Anti-microbial technology kills bacteria on contact.
    • Time Gauge tells you when replacement is necessary!