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Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (single)

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*Starting from: $71.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

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*Starting from: $71.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

No more plucking bags from the stand, the hands-free ability of the Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper provides for the ultimate convenience. Just place the umbrella in and the stand will automatically wrap it for you. Ease of use increases safety and prevents slip and fall accidents. The Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (single dispenser) holds up to 1,000 bags and can be used for both folded and stick umbrellas. Choose from a single dispenser starter kit, wrapper-only, or replacement bags.

  • Size & Weight of Stands and Bags
  • Brush Stainless Stand Size: 9.05" (Width) x 11.42" (Depth) x 30.70" (Height), Weight: approximately 24 lbs.
  • Gold Stand Size: 11.02" (Width) x 12.60" (Depth) x 30.70" (Height), Weight: approximately 25 lbs.
  • Long Bag Size: 5.51" (Width) x 29.33" (Length), Weight: approximately 8 lbs.
  • Product's Features
  • Maximum capacity of 1,000 long bags for all types of umbrellas
  • Recommended for areas with high foot traffic such as office buildings and retail stores
  • The stand helps compliment all interior design and is both elegant yet compact
  • Umbrellas are wrapped in one fluid motion
  • Prevents dangerous water accumulation on the floor
  • Light and mobile (no wheels on the Stand) and easy to place anywhere
  • Not only maintenance free, but it does not require electricity for use
  • Both the Brushed Stainless and Gold Wrappers come with a Black "Collar" at the top of the stand
  • The Hole Spacing on the bags have a distance of approximately 3.5” (on center) in between the two holes
  • All of the Plastic Wet Umbrella Bags are RECYCLABLE!
  • Call us for more details: 877-333-1018
  • Pricing Options
    Starter Kit: Brushed Stainless - Single Dispenser w/ 1,000 Bags $474.00
    Starter Kit: Gold - Single Dispenser w/ 1,000 Bags $474.00
    Wrapper-only: Brushed Stainless - Single Dispenser (no bags) $425.00
    Wrapper-only: Gold - Single Dispenser (no bags) $425.00
    Box of 1,000 Long Bags $71.00

    Looking for our Double Dispenser version? See: Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrapper (double dispenser)

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