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Floor Runners, Roll Goods

Floor runners increase traction and safety in a variety of settings. Our collection of runner mats is perfect for large lobbies and long corridors. These long carpet mats may be used outdoors as well. Runner mats may also be used in commercial locations like loading docks, greenhouses, and food preparation areas. Rubber matting is particularly effective when used along the aisles in kitchens and bars. Many of our roll goods are available with perforations that aid in water drainage. Many of our industrial grade runners are made of 100% Nitrile rubber. Other models are made with durable carpet or polypropylene fabric. We are proud to showcase a diverse selection from premier to economical mats. Our brands include industry-premium Classic Solutions, Micro Guard, Waterhog, and Berber.

  • Corrugated Rubber Runner Mat

    Increase traction with Corrugate Rubber Runner Mats!  Featuring a rib-tooth design that silences noise and absorbs vibrations over tile floors!  Made of commercial-grade 100% Nitrile rubber.

    • Available up to 150' in length.
    • Durable all-rubber construction.
    • Corrugated design provides excellent traction and moisture accumulation control!
  • Clear Gripper Runner Mat

    Our Clear Gripper Runner Mat is constructed of heavy duty clear PVC plastic ideal for temporary or permanent application over carpeting in areas of moderate traffic.   Also recommended for use on looped pile carpeting.

    • Great for temporary or permanent installation!
    • A more flexible version of the Clear Gripper Rigid Runner Mat.
  • Pyramid Runner Mat

    Pyramid Runner Mats deliver firm traction while protecting floor surfaces from daily impact.  Comes in 1/8" thickness with an embossed backing for superior anti-skid application.

    • 100% Vinyl.
    • Crack and curl resistant.
    • Available in lengths up to 105'.
    • Constructed with unique pyramid-shaped "nubs" for superior traction and cleaning ability!
  • Corrugated Vinyl Runner Mat

    The industry's most popular runner mat!  Corrugated Vinyl Runner Mats feature a flexible construction that will not crack or curl.

    • 1/8" thickness: Available in rolls up to 150' long.
    • 3/16" and 1/4" thickness: Available in rolls up to 75' long.
    • Protect floors, lower maintanence costs, and increase traction!
  • Diamond Plate Runner Mat

    A popular industry leader!  Diamond Plate Runner Mats use diamond-shaped grooves to provide superior traction and comfort underfoot.  Available with yellow border to designate safe walkways.

    • 100% Vinyl.
    • Crack and curl resistent!
    • Made of 100% recycled material!
    • Available in rolls of up to 75' in length.
  • Radial Runner Mat

    Radial Runner Mats combine excellent traction with simple aesthetic appeal.  At 1/8" thick, these 100% vinyl runners may be used as removable or permanent installations.

    • Available in rolls of 50' in length.
    • Durable 100% Vinyl construction.
    • Complies with NFPA flammability specifications
    • Perfect for lining pedestrian walkways in commercial settings!
  • Round-Rib Runner Mat

    Round-Rib Runner Mats are ideal for use in areas of moderate traffic. Comes with 1-Year Warranty.

    • Available in up to 105' in length.
    • Easy to install, clean, and maintain.
    • Softer and more comfortable than most runner mats!
  • Textured Kleen-Rite Rubber Runner Mat

    Textured Kleen-Rite Rubber Runner Mat offer a truly unique textured surface made of 100% rubber.  Product is guaranteed to provide comfort and resilient function.  At just 3/32" thick, these rubber runner mats are easily cut and pieced together for custom applications!

    • Made of 33% recycled materials!
    • Durable 100% rubber construction.
    • Easy-to-cut for custom applications.
  • Knob Top Runner Mat

    Knob Top Runner Mats are great for installation in areas in need of drainage and traffic from wheeled objects.  Comes 1/4" thick and features anti-microbial technology to inhibit bacteria and fungi growth!

    • Available up to 60' in length.
    • Long, durable, and low profile.
    • Constructed with comfortable Anti-Fatigue ribbing!
    • Vibrant Black, Red, Orange, and Gray colors available.
  • Versa Runner Mat

    Versa Runner Mats are perfect for use in areas that experience heavy traffic from carts and other wheeled objects.  Slotted perforations in mat's surface facilitate excellent drainage in areas where water and moisture accumulation is common.

    • Low profile design.
    • Available in lengths up to 60'.
    • Features MicroStop technology to inhibit bacteria growth!
  • Clear Gripper Rigid Runner Mat

    Our Clear Gripper Rigid Runner Mats are a more dense version of the popular Clear Gripper Runner.  Great for use in areas of heavy traffic, cart usage, and other floor spaces in need of serious carpet protection.

    • Comes in thicknesses of 0.098", 0.130", or 0.200."
    • Nearly indestructible!
    • Available in lengths of up to 50'