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Tensabarrier Plus Belts

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Our 6" (152.4mm) tall webbing is a highly effective, low-cost method of communicating messages to your customers and employees. It gives plenty of scope for printing your logos, branding, promotions and safety instructions in full color. Wide webbing is manufactured from the same high-grade material as standard 2" (50mm).

  • Available in a range of standard colors, or can be printed in any color to order.
  • Available belt end: Standard Anti-Tamper
  • Choose belt length: 7'6" long or 13' long.
  • Choose your webbing: 6" (152.4mm) Standard Webbing or 6" (152.4mm) Printed Messages
  • An Outdoor Marine Layer can potentially be added for an Up-charge, so that the product may be placed outside and will be able to withstand the outdoor and inclement weather. Please call us for details!
Available in: Crowd Control & Stanchions | Need help? (877) 333-1018
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Available Sizes
Please call us for pricing details: (877) 333-1018.
Color Palette & Patterns
Standard Webbing (150mm)
RS-W Red
RS-W Red (PMS 199)
LS-Blue (PMS 287)
G7-W Dark Green
G7-W Dark Green (PMS 199)
B9-W Black
B9-W Black (PMS 199)
S3-W White
S3-W White (PMS 199)
S4-W Yellow
S4-W Yellow (PMS 199)
D3-W Red
D3-W Red (PMS 199)
D4-W Black and Yellow
D4-W Black and Yellow (PMS 199)
Printed Message Webbing (150mm)
BD-W (White on PMS 426)
RA-W (White on PMS 186)
RB-W (White on PMS 186)
YA-W (Black on PMS 107)
Custom Belts Available! Call 877-333-1018 for more information.
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