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*Starting from: $339.00 *Price may update with selected options above.

The Modern 2 wall units are a perfect solution for situations where a flexible retractable barrier is required without taking up floor space. Used in a variety of settings including airports, multiplex theatres, restaurants, shopping malls and banks.

  • Belt lengths available: 24' & 30' long.
  • Belt Height (Standard): 2" (50.8mm).
  • Long belt lengths for closing very wide areas.
  • A variety of mounting options are available to suit different applications and all are easy to install.
  • A full range of cap colors are available.
  • Please note that our wall units come with wall clips.
  • Wall Mount comes with traditional mounting bracket. Optional mounting brackets are available for purchase. Please call for details.
  • An Outdoor Marine Layer can potentially be added for an Up-charge, so that the product may be placed outside and will be able to withstand the outdoor and inclement weather. Please call us for details!

Please be aware that due to gravity, the longer length of webbing used within this unit will bow slightly towards the middle. To minimize the effect of this, please inform us of the exact measurement of your "wall to wall" length and we will minimize the required webbing to fit to your exact requirements. Please contact a sales representative for more details

Available in: Crowd Control & Stanchions | Need help? (877) 333-1018
Pricing Options
Modern II: Reverse Wall Mount24' Belt30' Belt
Modern II with Black Caps $339.00 $376.00
Modern II with Red Caps $339.00 $376.00
Modern II with Yellow Caps $339.00 $376.00
Modern II with Polished Silver Grey Caps $385.00 $415.00
Color Palette & Patterns
Modern Colored Cap Options
Polished Silver Grey
Polished Silver Grey
Belt Colors (Belt Design Code shown in bold)
Vibrant & Fluorescent Webbing
B1X White
B1X White (White)
B5X Grey
B5X Grey (PMS 431)
B7X Dark Grey
B7X Dark Grey (PMS 432)
B9X Black
B9X Black (PMS 426)
F5X Fluorescent Yellow
F5X FL Yellow (PMS 388)
F3X Fluorescent Pink
F3X FL Pink (PMS 813)
F2X Fluorescent Orange
F2X FL Orange (PMS 804)
G2X Light Green
G2X Light Green (PMS 346)
G6X Green
G6X Green (PMS 348)
G7X Dark Green
G7X Dark Green (PMS 3435)
L3X Light Blue
L3X Light Blue (PMS 299)
L5X Blue
L5X Blue (PMS 287)
L7X Dark Blue
L7X Dark Blue (PMS 2995)
P5X Purple
P5X Purple (PMS 267)
R5X Red
R5X Red (PMS 199)
N7X Brown
N7X Brown (PMS 497)
O5X Orange
O5X Orange (PMS 144)
R7X Maroon
R7X Maroon (PMS 505)
Standard Printed Webbing
BCX (White on PMS 426)
BDX (White on PMS 426)
RAX (White on PMS 186)
RBX (White on PMS 186)*
*Single Sided Print Webbing
Chevron Webbing
D1X Blue
D1X Blue (PMS 2728)
D2X Green
D2X Green (PMS 348)
D3X Red
D3X Red (PMS 186)
D4X Black and Yellow
D4X Black & Yellow (PMS 107)
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