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Clear Roll-Out Floor Protector

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Clear Floor Protectors allow you to keep the same décor of your garage or showroom floor while providing protection against wear and tear from heavy equipment, foot traffic, and liquid and chemical spills.  Specially formulated clear polyvinyl construction is ultra durable and built to last.  Featured in both a Ribbed pattern or Levant pattern surface

  • Comes 55 Mil (Standard-Grade) thickness.
  • Simply roll-out and install.  No additional adhesives or installation required.
  • Easy to cut for custom applications.
  • 100% polyvinyl construction guaranteed not crack, or curl.
  • Lays flat during installation.
  • Overlap or butt together multiple rolls for a seamless look.
  • Easy to clean!
  • Adhesive is not typically used on the Clear Roll-Out Floor Protector, but if choosen to do so, use the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on Concrete or Cement and use the Marine & Outdoor Adhesive for bonding to Wood for Marine and Outdoor applications.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: One Gallon covers approximately 200-400 square feet and Four Gallons covers approximately 800-1600 square feet.
  • Marine & Outdoor Adhesive: One Gallon covers approximately 100-300 square feet and Four Gallons covers approximately 300-900 square feet.
Available in: Garage Flooring | Need help? (877) 333-1018
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